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Bow to Wow: Opt to adopt three pooches and one cuddly kitty

Here's a word from TODAY's Bow to Wow correspondent Jill Rappaport:

Let's keep 2013 on perfect track by maintaining our 100 percent animal adoption record! In this January installment of Bow to Wow, we once again have wonderful dogs and cats from Animal Care and Control in New York City all waiting for "purrfect" homes.

This group of three pooches and one kitty is guaranteed to melt your heart. Not only are they all beautiful, but they are sweet as sugar and cuddly couch potatoes that love to play all day. These four-legged friends are healthy, smart and in desperate need of love, attention and a REAL home!

So why not make a "new" New Year's resolution: This will be the year to adopt. And you can start right now with one of these special fur angels. Go here

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