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Tuna the dog takes over Internet, TODAY greenroom


Tuna the Dog's famous smile holds a remarkable resemblance to that of Mr. Burns of "The Simpsons," a trait that owner Courtney Dasher discovered.

Maybe it's appropriate that the dog with the most famous overbite on the web is named Tuna, because he's melting the hearts of thousands.

Tuna has plenty of reasons for his so-strange-it's-adorable smile: a massive fan base of 130,000 Instagram followers. His toothy grin became famous after his owner, Courtney Dasher, noticed his eerie resemblance to Mr. Burns, the iconic skinflint on "The Simpsons."

Since Dasher created the Instagram account @tunameltsmyheart, Tuna's fame has expanded well beyond the bounds of his Los Angeles home. The charismatic chiweenie (that's a Chihuahua-dachshund mix) also captivated the TODAY greenroom when he visited Studio 1A in person Friday. See for yourself:

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Tuna had to sit in his crate for a while. Fortunately, that's his favorite place.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Tuna the dog just felt like exploring, so he crawled underneath the TODAY greenroom couch.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Tuna and his owner, Courtney Dasher, got a lot of attention in the TODAY greenroom, especially from kids.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

TODAY contributor Katie Linendoll instantly fell in love with Tuna, and made her best Tuna face.

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

For a dog, it seems the TODAY greenroom can get a little tiring sometimes.


We asked you to send us your best "Tuna Faces," and some of you really took the challenge to heart. Here were your best attempts at channeling the chiweenie:

Ok, this one really melted our hearts: