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Calling all canines in costume, feline fashion photos for 'Dress Up Your Pet Day'

Courtesy Colleen Paige

In honor of Monday's National Dress Up Your Pet Day, send us photos of your stylish pet!

Whether you think your pooch looks best in haute couture or a Santa hat, Monday's National Dress Up Your Pet Day makes dressing up Fido excusable for 24 hours, so it's time to take advantage.

The Jan. 14 "holiday" was founded back in 2009 by Colleen Paige, an animal behaviorist and celebrity pet lifestyle expert, and is sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation, which helps orphaned animals find new homes.

Paige told TODAY.com she created the day as “a fun way for people to show off their love for their animals.”

“It’s about celebrating the bond between humans and pets and to promote adoption,” she said.

Paige recommends keeping your pet's comfort in mind: Make sure they can see and hear and won't overheat in their outfits, and that there aren't any parts of their costumes that they can chew off and swallow.

"It's important to remember though, that it's not ...a day to disrespect our pets with uncomfortable, vulgar and/or seasonally inappropriate costumes for the sake of a laugh or photo shoot," Paige said on the day's official site.

If your four-legged friend is up for it, we'd love to see pictures of them all dressed up. We'll be posting our favorite photos of your animals strutting the runway in style.

And if your pet is not too happy about this whole clothing ordeal, please note: Tuesday is National Strawberry Ice Cream Day (hint, hint).

Please submit your photos here:

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