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Lost monkey in stylish coat drives IKEA shoppers bananas

Toronto’s newest celebrity is a sophisticated, smart and frugal… monkey.

The 7-month-old simian was found wandering around an IKEA parking lot Sunday afternoon in a shearling coat and diaper. Described as a “smart monkey” by Ed Dzingala, a staff sergeant with the Toronto Police, he managed to escape his crate, open his owners’ car door, and make it to the customer pickup area – all while his owners were shopping inside.

By Sunday night the well-dressed monkey had become a Twitter sensation, quickly inspiring two accounts – @IkeaMonkey and @Ikea_Monkey – hilarious tweets (“just passed by a mirror and HOLY COW HOW CUTE AM I”) and, by Monday morning, more than 1,500 followers. 

Toronto Animal Services brought the wandering pet into custody. The owner faces a charge for having a prohibited animal – and could pay a $240 fine.

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