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Feel like curling up in a ball today? So does Douglas the dormouse


Lucky escape: This tiny dormouse survived falling from his mother's nest, landing on a high-traffic street and almost getting stepped on by a pedestrian.

Douglas the dormouse has had a rough month. First the little guy fell from his mom's nest in Kent, England and landed just inches away from a busy road. Then he almost got stepped on by a passerby.

Fortunately, the kindhearted human spotted the tiny 3-week-old rodent just in time. The dormouse was so young that his eyes hadn't opened yet, and he was at serious risk from exposure to the cold. The passerby brought the young dormouse to Folly Wildlife Rescue, where staff members named him Douglas and worked throughout the night to keep him alive.

You can see some more adorable photos of Douglas below. Here's hoping the little critter gets to enjoy a tasty array of nuts and berries over the course of a nice, long life. 


Staff members at Folly Wildlife Rescue in Kent, England put little Douglas in an incubator to warm him up and worked throughout the night to save his life.


Folly Wildlife Rescue staff members fed Douglas the dormouse Farley's Rusks biscuits and a milk formula every two hours until he built his strength up.

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