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Six lazy lions lounge in a line

Daniel Dolpire / Solent News Via Rex

This image of six young male lions was captured by photographer Daniel Dolpire during a group safari in Serengeti National Park.

Retired father-of-three Daniel Dolpire of South Africa captured these images of a very relaxed group of lions earlier this year while on a trip around Tanzania and Kenya with his wife, according to the Rex USA photo agency. 

"I have been taking wildlife photos for over 20 years, but this has got to be my special moment," Daniel, 59, said.

Dolpire snapped the three-year-old males, who are part of the 30-strong Black Rock Pride, in a matter of a few minutes before several loped off and others took to dozing at the edge of the Salt Lick in Serengeti National Park.

Daniel Dolpire / Solent News via Rex

Photographer Daniel Dolpire captured this image of two lions from the Serengeti National Park's Black Rock Pride snoozing. Dolpire says that after photographing the larger group of young male lions, "Exactly six minutes later the first lion got up and within another five minutes, three were sleeping and the other three had gone off into the bush."

The Black Rock Pride is the reserve's largest, made up of eight adult females, two dominant males, seven 'sub adults' and five cubs. There are eight young males in the pride, and the six pictured share the same father. According to Solent News, male lions commonly leave their original pride when they reach maturity, around the age of four.

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