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Former 'Brady Bunch' star helps animals in need

The former child actress is now acting on behalf of animals. She talks with TODAY animal advocate Jill Rappaport, about helping rescue organization Precious Paws save countless cats and kittens.

By TODAY correspondent Jill Rappaport

The country fell in love with actress Susan Olsen when she played the adorable Cindy on "The Brady Bunch". With her platinum blonde pig tails and big blue eyes, Olsen's character had a personality that always tugged at our heart strings. 

Now the child star is all grown up and she's shining a bright light on animals in need! Olsen is acting on behalf of stray cats and kittens who are in serious danger as they run loose all over the Los Angeles area. She and her volunteers have saved hundreds of them thanks to Precious Paws, a non-profit organization that fosters unwanted cats and kittens.

Olsen spends the majority of her time and her own money to help these cuddly creatures, and she says the rewards are indescribable! I saw first hand her love and devotion to them as she craddled several kittens, that had just been rescued, during our interview.

It is so refreshing to see someone who despite the pressure of fame at such a young age has grown up to be a very special person. She was once a TV star and now a true star to our fur angels!