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Newborn marmoset fits in the palm of your hand

Theo Heimann / AP

A newborn marmoset rests its head on the hand of an animal keeper at the zoo in Eberswalde, Germany.

The Eberswalde Zoo in Germany welcomed this adorable newborn marmoset on June 29. The miniscule monkey was one of three born in the litter and had trouble taking milk from its mother, according to the European Pressphoto Agency. So the zoo is now raising the little one by hand, and from the looks of it, those hands are a perfect fit.

Bernd Settnik / EPA

This little monkey's mother couldn't provide her newborn with milk.

Marmosets usually give birth to a pair of non-identical twins in the wild, but in zoos it's not uncommon for a mother to birth three or four in the same litter. For now, the zoo is making sure the teensy newborn receives the nutrients he can't get from mom.

Bernd Settnik / AFP - Getty Images

Marmosets' tails are roughly twice as long as their bodies.

The baby monkey may still be much smaller than a squirrel, but this delicate tot won’t stay pint-sized forever. One of the smallest primates, most marmosets end up 7 to 8 inches long when they’ve reached maturity after about 15 months.

More photos of the bright-eyed baby below:


Bernd Settnik / AFP - Getty Images

Marmosets are small, tree-dwelling primates that look a little like squirrels.

Theo Heimann / AP

Zookeeper Sara-Joyce Fanke, unseen, holds the marmoset.

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