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Bo Obama is very busy supervising the White House garden

Quentin Bacon

Bo likes to hang out around the Jefferson beds, which are grown from seeds Michelle Obama and her daughters collected from Thomas Jefferson's gardens in Virginia.

In her book, "American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America," Michelle Obama reveals that Bo has a very important job  as unofficial gardening supervisor. “He leaves the White House every morning, walks down to the garden with Dale Haney, the White House groundskeeper, and examines the plants," she writes. "Fortunately, he likes just looking at the plants, not digging them up."

Quentin Bacon

Bo basking in the garden in summer.

According to Michelle, Bo takes his job very seriously. If he’s with his pals from the National Park Service he will ignore the first lady completely, and not speak to her until the day is done, when his paws are clean and he wants to cuddle. “Sasha or Malia will be sitting on my lap, and he’ll run up and try to move them out of the way so he can sit there." 

Quentin Bacon

When the first lady made an appearance on the

Bo makes several appearances in the book, looking every bit the green-thumbed gardener. 

Quentin Bacon

Michelle Obama sees her garden as not just her place, but everyone's place, including Bo's.

Watch video: Michelle Obama on life with Bo

Quentin Bacon

Bo likes to learn new tricks because he knows he'll be rewarded with a treat. According to Michelle, sometimes he gets so excited anticipating the treat he can barely do the trick.

Check out some more shots from the book:

Quentin Bacon

Michelle and Bo don't take the winter off. The pair make the rounds even as temperatures plummet, making sure the plants are protected from frost and snow.

Quentin Bacon

Bo has been a cherished member of the Obama family since 2009.

And click below for a whole slideshow of Bo! 

Charles Dharapak / AP

See the Obama family's frisky Portuguese water dog pup sink his paws into his classy White House digs.

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