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Magical mates: Owl hitches a ride on dog's back

Andrew Price / Rex USA

Is this pair off to Hogwarts, Sunnydale or Camelot? Willow the barn owl and Merlin the lurcher are often seen traveling together in North Wales.

If “Harry Potter” comes to mind at the sight of this barn owl perched on a dog’s shoulders, you’re not alone. We felt a very magical vibe from the photos of these two best friends and while the dog’s name isn't Harry, it still has a very wizardly namesake — Merlin!

According to Rex Features, Willow and Merlin became fast friends three months ago when the owl’s daily exercise was combined with the dog’s walk. Now the unlikely pair are a familiar sight at the Pen y Bryn Falconry centre in North Wales.

Andrew Price / Rex USA

When one-year-old Willow isn't hanging out with her best friend, she's being trained to fly down the aisle at weddings to deliver the rings. Maybe Merlin will assist her one of these days.

“They are inseparable. People always stop and smile when they see them going by,” said Lorwi Peacock, Willow’s handler.

Willow particularly loves to sit on Merlin’s back with her wings outstretched as he goes for a run. Luckily, Merlin doesn’t seem to be bothered by his small feathered passenger one bit! 



TODAY.com producer Lisa Granshaw loves the names of these best pals and hopes they have some great adventures!