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What's this? Curious baby antelope explores home

Oliver Berg / AFP - Getty Images

I spy with my little eye...Changa hiding out behind a tree in her zoo enclosure.

Oliver Berg / AFP - Getty Images

Yummm, who can resist a tasty leaf?

This antelope certainly isn’t shy! Changa, a young Situtunga antelope, showed off for the cameras this week as she hung out with her mom in their enclosure at a zoo in Cologne, Germany.

Oliver Berg / AFP - Getty Images

Mom keeps a watchful eye on Changa, who seems eager to explore.

Born on January 5, Changa is a swamp-dwelling type of antelope that can be found throughout Central Africa, according to AFP. From the look on mom’s face, I think she wishes her baby would stop picking random things off the ground with her mouth!

Oliver Berg / AFP - Getty Images

"Drop it, honey!" Changa's mom is either worried her baby has taken on a bit more than she can chew or wants the branch for herself!

Oliver Berg / AFP - Getty Images

Changa takes a look around, probably sensing someone other than her mom is watching!

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-This was posted by TODAY.com producer Lisa Granshaw. Her mother can probably relate to chasing around a little girl that likes exploring too much. Sorry, mom!